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  • The Ford Explorer Sport Trac, sometimes referred to as simply the Ford Sport Trac, was a mid-size sport utility truck sold mostly in North America produced by the Ford Motor Company from 2000 through 2010. The Sport Trac was based on the Ford Explorer SUV - not based on the compact Ford Ranger - because it was introduced when the Explorer and Ranger platforms diverged. The Sport Trac fell between the Ranger and Ford F-Series in Ford's truck lineup, based on capability and price. It competed with other mid-size SUTs, trucks and SUVs, such as the mid-size Honda Ridgeline SUT and even the larger full-size Chevrolet Avalanche SUT. During its first year on sale in the U.S., there was a waiting list of over 3 months. It was technically the first body-on-frame sport utility truck. The Sport Trac was a Class 2 vehicle with a GVWR of 6250 lbs. and a maximum GCWR of 12,000 lbs. This made it one of the more and the then most capable mid-size pickups, having a greater GVWR and GCWR than the Dodge Dakota, GM's GMC Canyon/Chevrolet Colorado pickups and Toyota Tacoma.

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