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  • Richard Greene plays the title character, a Gallic Robin Hood, who seeks to reclaim his birthright from the usurping Duke of Corlaine (Manolo Fabregas). Forming a group of sort-of-merry men, Captain Scarlet rallies the countryside to take up arms against the despotic duke. In addition, he saves Princess Maria (Leonora Amar) from various fates worse than death at the hands of lecherous Count Villiers (Eduardo Norriega).
  • Captain Scarlett is a 1953 American Techinicolor swashbuckler film directed by Thomas Carr that was shot in Mexico. The film is set in France following the fall of Napoleon I and stars Richard Greene playing the title role who is a Robin Hood type avenger and Brazilian actress Leonora Amar in her final screen role.

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  • 9/12/1953
  • -
  • 1/30/2007
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