What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Geolocation /location/location/geolocation /location/geocode mediator

In order of: longitude, latitude. For non-point locations, enter the geographical center (centroid) of the feature.

Contains /location/location/contains /location/location

Other locations completely within the boundaries of this location. Use "Partially Contains" for partial containment; use "Coterminous With" if they have the exact same boundary.

Contained by /location/location/containedby /location/location

Other locations that this completely falls within the boundaries of. Use "Partially Contained By" for partial containment; use "Coterminous With" if they have the exact same boundary.

reverse, disambiguating
Contains major portion of /location/location/contains_major_portion_of /location/location

Locations which are primarily but not completely contained by this one. For example, North America contains the major portion of the United States (but not Hawaii). This property is not meant to be used instead of partially_contains but in addition to it, to denote that a location has a major part in its container but is not completely contained by it.

Primarily contained by /location/location/primarily_containedby /location/location

Locations which contain major portions of this one. For example, the United States is primarily contained by North America (except for Hawaii). This property is not meant to be used instead of partially_containedby but in addition to it, to denote that a location contains a major part of another yet is not completely containing it.

Partially contains /location/location/partiallycontains /location/partial_containment_relationship mediator

Locations which are partially contained by, or whose borders overlap with, this one. The mediating properties will show the amount of the location that this one contains. (That is to say, if this location partially contains Location B, the mediating properties show the amount of Location B that is contained by this one.)

Partially contained by /location/location/partially_contained_by /location/partial_containment_relationship mediator

Locations which partially contain, or whose borders overlap with, this one. For example, Russia is partially contained by Europe. The mediating properties will show the amount of this location that is contained by the other one.

Adjoins /location/location/adjoin_s /location/adjoining_relationship mediator

Other locations that adjoin to this one.

Area /location/location/area /type/float never_assert km²

The total area (land + water) of this location in square kilometers.

Land area /location/location/area_land /type/float never_assert km²

The land area of the location in in square kilometers.

Water area /location/location/area_water /type/float never_assert km²

The water area of the location in square kilometers

Mean elevation /location/location/mean_elevation /type/float never_assert m

The mean terrain elevation measured for the area of this location from above or below the mean sea level in meters (for body of water depth use /geography/body_of_water/mean_depth).

USBG name /location/location/usbg_name /type/text never_assert

A unique name given to geographic features by the United States Board on Geographic Names. Used for features within the U.S. and its territories.

GNIS ID /location/location/gnis_feature_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/gnis

A unique ID for features cataloged by the United States Geographic Names Information System. Used for features in the U.S. and its territories.

GEOnet feature ID /location/location/gns_ufi /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/gns

The UFI (Unique Feature ID) used by GeoNet for features outside of the United States.

Time zone(s) /location/location/time_zones /time/time_zone

The time zone or zones that affect this location.

Geometry /location/location/geometry /location/geometry

A link to a GeoJSON description of the locations' 2D boundary. The property points to a content object that can be used with the Blob API to retrieve the raw GeoJSON. The boundary is most easily utilized via the GeoSearch API.

People born here /location/location/people_born_here /people/person reverse
Adjectival form /location/location/adjectival_form /type/text never_assert

The adjectival form of this location (e.g., "French" for France, "Glaswegian" for Glasgow). This property can be used by applications when creating titles or lists (e.g. by referencing this property when creating a title, such as "French actors" ,

Coterminous with /location/location/coterminous_with /location/cotermination mediator

If this location is exactly coterminous with anther location, enter it here. Examples might include a county with a census region or a province with an ecclesiastical division.

near /location/location/near /type/object never_assert emql
inside /location/location/inside /type/object never_assert emql
Street address /location/location/street_address /location/mailing_address mediator

The street address of this location (if any -- note that many, many kinds of locations do not have street addresses). Note that this should not be the mailing address, unless it happens to be the same as the street address.

point /location/location/point /type/object never_assert emql
Nearby airports /location/location/nearby_airports /aviation/airport

Airports that are nearby this location.

shape /location/location/shape /type/object never_assert emql
Events /location/location/events /time/event

Events which occurred in this location. When deciding which location to list an event in, it is best to use a more specific location rather than a more general one whenever possible. E.g., for the event "Assassination of Abraham Lincoln," the best location to use would be "Ford's Theatre;" "Washington, DC" would be okay, and "United States," while strictly accurate, would be a poorer choice.

UN/LOCODE /location/location/unlocode /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/un/unece/locode

The UN/LOCODE of this location

Partially contains /location/location/partially_contains /location/location

DEPRECATED. Use the /location/location/partiallycontains property instead.

Partially contained by /location/location/partially_containedby /location/location

DEPRECATED. Use the /location/location/partially_contained_by property instead.

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Adjoining Relationship
Delineates location
HUD County Place
Partially contains
Partially contained by
Contains major portion of
Primarily contained by
Partial containment relationship
Partially contains
Partial containment relationship
Partially contained by