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  • USS North Carolina was a 74-gun ship of the line in the United States Navy. One of the "nine ships to rate not less than 74 guns each" authorized by Congress on 29 April 1816, she was laid down in 1818 by the Philadelphia Navy Yard, launched on 7 September 1820, and fitted out in the Norfolk Navy Yard. Master Commandant Charles W. Morgan was assigned to North Carolina as her first commanding officer on 24 June 1824. While nominally a 74-gun ship, a popular size at the time, North Carolina was actually pierced for 102 guns, and probably originally mounted ninety-four 42-pounder and 32-pounder cannons. In 1845, she had fifty-six 42-pounders, twenty-six 32-pounders, and eight 8 in cannons, for a total of 90. Considered by many the most powerful naval vessel then afloat, North Carolina served in the Mediterranean as flagship for Commodore John Rodgers from 29 April 1825 – 18 May 1827. In the early days of the Republic, as today, a display of naval might brought a nation prestige and enhanced her commerce.

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