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  • The Blue Marble was the second Sagittarius album, released in 1969 by the newly formed Together Records. The title song is by Lee Mallory and Gary Usher. By and large a Gary Usher creation, the album remained in obscurity for most of its post-release, due to the collapse of Usher's Together Records Label. On this album, Usher used the Moog Synthesizer extensively, and left lead vocals relatively bare. Also in contrast to Present Tense, Usher takes the majority of the lead vocals, with collaborator Curt Boettcher singing lead only on "In My Room" and "Will You Ever See Me" and Chuck Girard singing lead on "Gladys" and "I See In You". Most of the songs were written in the psychedelic pop mold. The album is also notable for its forays into Country and Western music styles, at many times utilizing pedal steel guitar. The record spawned a minor hit with the cover of the Beach Boys' "In My Room", which featured Curt Boettcher on vocals and reached #86 on the charts.

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