<div><p>A <i>Musical Release</i> is a collection of <i>Musical Tracks</i> (recordings of <i>Songs</i>) released in a common format such as Compact Disc or LP. A release typically associated with a <i>Musical Artist</i> unless it is a compilation which is a collection of tracks by various artists. (These releases will not have a value for the <i>Artist</i> property at all.)</p><p><br>A <i>Musical Release</i> is specifically a release of a particular <i>Musical Album</i>; a single album may have multiple releases, while a release should be a release of one specific album. A Musical Release may be a remastering, an international version, or some other minor variation, but would not typically merit a separate entry in an artist’s discography.</p>

<p><br>For more see the help topic, <a href="">Musical Release Documentation</a><br></p></div>