<p>For schools of a similar name, see Greenfield School.
Greenfield School Community and Arts College is a mixed public school on the suburbs of Newton Aycliffe. It was opened in 1974 and it has been visited by Tony Blair a reasonable amount of times. It has been awarded specialist status as an Arts College. Despite claims that Greenfield is rivals with Woodham, both the schools have managed to maintain a peaceful atmosphere as they both participate in activities and courses which both schools may benefit from e.g. engineering, YA health etc.
The school also has over 400 networked computers, and a large well-stocked library.
Greenfield encourages creativity and individuality by allowing students to choose the colour of their uniform in year 11. The current year 11 of 2009/2010 have chosen Purple. The new colour of year 11 2010/2011 is red. However, students are requested to follow strict uniform rules, such as having plain black shoes, tailored trousers, and for girls - subtle make-up only.
The school has gone to great lengths to help special needs students and their parents whenever possible. To do this, they have hired extra teachers and launched REACH (for parents) and ICAN (not</p>