<p>State Route 349 (SR 349) is a north–south state highway in south-central Ohio. State Route 349 has its southern terminus is at State Route 93 in Wellston. Its northern terminus is at State Route 160 in Hamden. Besides providing a shortcut between State Route 93 and State Route 160 around Hamden, State Route 349 allows access to Lake Alma State Park in Vinton County.
State Route 349's starting point is a T-intersection with State Route 93 is the northern portion of Wellston. Heading northeast from this intersection, State Route 349 is bounded by woods on the south side, while closely being paralleled by the Wellston Bike Path, and passes by a commercial business and a residence on the north side, before forest also fills on that side of the roadway. State Route 349 passes intersections with two side streets on the south side of the highway (Mitchell Drive and Amber Drive), and then reaches its intersection with Wellston Park Road. Bending to the north, the state highway departs Wellston as it crosses the boundary from Jackson County into Vinton County. The Wellston Bike Path comes to an end at this point, as well.
Upon crossing the county line, not only does State Route 349 enter</p>