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  • Veerashaiva is an independent religion worshipping Lord Shiva, believes in Vedas & agamas, and it is an integral part of Hinduism. According to popular view, and one backed by historical and literary evidence, the Veerashaiva sect was founded by the Panchacharyas or the Five great Prophets. This view however, is in the realm of mythology and this mythology is supported by historical and literary evidence those are available at Allahabad High Court and Jangamwadimath of Kashi. It is believed that the Panchacharyas arose out of five great Sthavaralingas located in Balehonnur in Karnataka, Ujjini in Karnataka, Kedar in Uttarakhand, Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh, and Kashi or Banaras in Uttar Pradesh under different names in different Yugas. The five Panchacharyas are Renukaradhya Dharukaas Ekoramaradhya or Ekorama Panditaradhya Vishwaradhya