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  • Prince Nicolae Bogoridi was the Ottoman-nominated Governor of Moldavia following the Crimean War. He was the son of Stefan Bogoridi, an Ottoman high official of Bulgarian ethnicity who also served as Moldavia's governor in 1820–1821, and brother of Alexander Bogoridi. His mother was Ralou Skilitzi. Born in Iaşi, Vogoride studied in the Greek Orthodox College in Istanbul and later married into the wealthy Conachi family, and sometimes thereafter used the name Nicolae Conachi-Vogoride. His wife was Princess Caterina Conachi, and they had four children: Prince Emanuel, Prince Constantin, Princess Maria and Princess Lucia. In 1856, as Prince Grigore Alexandru Ghica was removed by the Treaty of Paris, although Moldavia remained technically under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire, Vogoride was appointed as finance minister under the new government of caimacam Teodor Balş. When Balş died on March 1, 1857, Vogoride replaced him.

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