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  • David van Kriedt was a composer, saxophonist and music teacher. While Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond, became world jazz celebrities, the musician responsible for establishing their partnership was American tenor saxophonist, composer and arranger David van Kriedt. David was born in Berkeley, California, USA. He spent three years at Mills College in Oakland, California, studying composition with Darius Milhaud, and formed, with fellow students, The Jazz Workshop Ensemble. Later they became known as The Eight and subsequently the Dave Brubeck Octet. Mills College in 1946 was where eight young music students recorded Dave Brubeck's Curtain Music, the personnel for the Octet was, Brubeck – piano; Paul Desmond - alto saxophone; Dave Van Kriedt - tenor saxophone; Bill Smith - clarinet; Dick Collins - trumpet; Bob Collins - trombone; Jack Weeks - bass; Cal Tjader - drums. The octet played only a few concerts in three years, as club owners were scared by the advanced non-commercial music. In three years at both San Francisco State and Mills College, van Kriedt became proficient in voice and practically every instrument.

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