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  • Charles "Babe" Baron was an organized crime figure in Chicago, Illinois. He owned a successful Chicago new car dealership as well as holding the rank of Brigadier-General in the Illinois National Guard. He was involved in illegal gambling as a handbook operator for the Chicago Outfit. Along with Dave Yaras and Lenny Patrick, Baron served as a protégé to Democratic Party ward boss Jacob Arvey. Baron was an associate of Meyer Lansky. He was also a close associate of Patrick Hoy, a Henry Crown employee of General Dynamics who was later able to arrange a job for Sidney Korshak at the Hilton Hotels. Twice arrested for murder, including that of bootlegger James Walsh, whom he shot and killed following a prize fight in 1929, and of North Side Gang financier 'Smiling' Gus Winkler, on October 9, 1933. Baron was identified as an associate of John Roselli during the Kefauver Hearings, in the 1950s. According to Jack Ruby and Baron associate Tony Zoppi, Baron knew U.S. Air Force General Curtis LeMay.

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