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  • The "Timex Sinclair 2048" although never produced, was to be an improved version of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer. It was not released by Timex Corporation because of TS1500 failure. According to an early Timex Sinclair 2000 computer flyer, it would be a cut-down TS2068 with 48 KB of RAM and advertised as a 48 KB memory machine. It seems that Timex Computer Corporation used the 2048 model number before. It was the intended model number for what finally got named TS2068. In an interview with Lou Galie, Senior Vice President of Technology at Timex, he tells what he claims to be the real story. Danny Ross, Timex Computer Corporation president was giving a speech. Lou points: "When Danny announced what was supposed to be the 2048, he mis-spoke and called it the 2068. When I called him on it, he laughed and said 'Rename it. 2068 is better than 2048'".

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