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  • Diploglottis campbellii is a rainforest tree northern New South Wales and southeastern Queensland. Growing to 30 metres tall, it is commonly known as the Small-leaved Tamarind. It is rare and threatened and is restricted to a small number of sites, each with a maximum of 3 trees per site. However, it is readily available from nurseries in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, and in south-eastern Queensland. It has soft hairy new growth that becomes hairless with age. It has a grey brown trunk, the outer surface of live bark is green with orange to brown blotches, leaves 10–35 cm long, leaflets 4–8 cm, glossy upper surface, pale dull bottom surface The inflorescence type is a panicle up to 15 centimetres long with small creamy brown flowers, Fruit usually 2 lobed but can be 1 or 3 lobed, hairless, Red with a brown capsule, ripe Feb- April.

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