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  • 5-Bromo-DMT is a brominated indole alkaloid found in certain marine invertebrates. It is the 5-bromo analogue of DMT, a psychedelic found in many plants and animals. Other naturally occurring 5-substituted analogues of DMT include bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT, both of which, like DMT, are psychoactive and found in plants and animals. Animal studies on 5-bromo-DMT showed it to produce effects suggestive of sedative and antidepressant activity. Anecdotal reports published by Hamilton Morris indicate that 5-Bromo-DMT freebase is psychoactive in humans when smoked at doses between 20 and 50 milligrams. This compound is soluble in ethanol and methanol. It has been found in Verongula rigida along with 5,6-diBr-DMT and seven other alkaloids. 5-Br-DMT caused significant reduction of locomotor activity in the rodent FST model. It did not show any antidepressant activity in either test.

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