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  • In 1964 the GOST standards body of the Soviet Union defined the standard for encoding data. This standard allowed a variable character size - depending on the type of data being encoded. GOST 10859 only allowed uppercase characters. Subsequent Soviet standards included lowercase: GOST 19768/74 GOST 19768/87 GOST 13052 These include the non-ASCII "⏨". It was used to express real numbers in Scientific notation. For example: 6.0221415⏨23. The "⏨" character was also part of the ALGOL programming language specifications, and was also incorporated into the then German character encoding standard ALCOR. GOST 10859 also included numerous other non-ASCII characters/symbols useful to ALGOL programmers, e.g.: ∨, ∧, ⊃, ≡, ¬, ≠, ↑, ↓, ×, ÷, ≤, ≥, ° & ∅. c.f. ALGOL operators. The "␡" character served the same function as the "␡" in 7-bit ASCII.