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  • Xenon tetroxide is a chemical compound of xenon and oxygen with molecular formula XeO₄, remarkable for being a relatively stable compound of a noble gas. It is a yellow crystalline solid that is stable below −35.9 °C; above that temperature it is very prone to exploding and decomposing into elemental xenon and oxygen. All eight valence electrons of xenon are involved in the bonds with the oxygen, and the oxidation state of the xenon atom is +8. Oxygen is the only element that can bring xenon up to its highest oxidation state; even fluorine can only give XeF₆. Two other short-lived xenon compounds with an oxidation state of +8, XeO₃F₂ and XeO₂F₄, are accessible by the reaction of xenon tetroxide with xenon hexafluoride. XeO₃F₂ and XeO₂F₄ can be detected with mass spectrometry. The perxenates are also compounds where xenon has the +8 oxidation state.

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