<p>Don Juan or Joan Prim, Marquis of los Castillejos, Grandee of Spain, Count of Reus, Viscount of the Bruch (Catalan: Joan Prim i Prats, comte de Reus i vescomte del Bruc, marquès dels Castillejos; Spanish: Juan Prim y Prats, conde de Reus y vizconde del Bruch, marqués de los Castillejos) (12 December 1814 in Reus, Catalonia, Spain – 30 December 1870 in Madrid) was a Spanish general and statesman.
Prim was the son of Lieut.-Colonel Pablo Prim. He entered the free corps known as the volunteers of Isabella II in 1834, and in the course of the Carlist War he rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and had two orders of knighthood conferred upon him. After the pacification of 1839, as a progressist opposed to the dictatorship of General Espartero, he was sent into exile. However, in 1843 he was elected deputy for Tarragona, and after defeating Espartero at Bruch he entered Madrid in triumph with General Serrano. The regent Maria Christina promoted him major-general, and made him conde de Reus and vizconde del Bruch.
General Narvaez, the prime minister, failed to understand what constitutional freedom meant, and General Prim, on showing signs of opposition, was sentenced to six years'</p>