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  • Roger Borniche was a French detective of the Sûreté nationale and author of a number of works. He started as a singer, but his fledgling musical career was interrupted by the German invasion of 1940. To make a living, he took a job as a store detective. In 1943, He joined the Sûreté nationale as Inspector to avoid being shipped to a forced labour detail. Assigned to hunt the Resistance, he instead helped partisans escape from occupied France. He deserted in 1944, only days before the D-Day invasion. Upon the liberation of France in August, he was reinstated to the Sûreté nationale and assigned to enforce France's abortion laws. The next year, he was transferred to a homicide unit. In 1947, he was making 11,000 Francs a month and 2,000 Francs in expenses. It was a reasonable wage for a single man, but insufficient for a family. He was single, but he did support a mistress. On 4 September 1947, he was assigned to capture the escaped murderer, Emile Buisson. Borniche kept critical investigative files in his office, forcing the other investigators to bargain with him for their contents; other investigators did the same.

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