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  • Eleanor the "Fair Maid of Brittany", titular 5th Countess of Richmond, also known as Damsel of Brittany, Pearl of Brittany or Beauty of Brittany, was the eldest daughter of Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany, the fourth son of King Henry II of England, and Constance, Duchess of Brittany in her own right. After the death in 1203 of her imprisoned brother Arthur, she was heiress to vast lands including England, Anjou, and Aquitaine as well as Brittany, realms where the Salic Law barring the accession of females did not apply; thus, inheriting Arthur's right to the throne as child of the usurping John's elder brother Geoffrey, the designated heir, she posed a potential threat to her uncle John, King of England, and following his death in 1216, equally to her cousin Henry III of England. She was imprisoned from 1202 and thus became the longest imprisoned member of an English royal family. As a prisoner she was also unable to press her claim to the Duchy of Brittany as her mother's heiress.

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