<p>The Santa Fe 5000 is a 2-10-4 steam locomotive constructed by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1930 for the North American Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Locomotive number 5000 was immediately nicknamed "Madame Queen."  and remained a one of a kind member of its own class. The 5000 was donated to the city of Amarillo, Texas in 1957 and is currently maintained by the Railroad Artifact Preservation Society. The Santa Fe 5000 is on the National Register of Historic Places.
The Texas type on the Santa Fe is by design a Berkshire with an additional driving axle, as it was ordered by most railroads. Although Santa Fe 3829 was the first steam locomotive with the 2-10-4 wheel arrangement, Santa Fe 5000 served as the prototype for all further 2-10-4 locomotives rostered by the road.
In 1930, the Santa Fe looked at the contemporary heavy-duty motive power policies of other railroads, and decided that its own needed substantial reappraisal. Additional locomotives were ordered as a result of this study, including the 5000. Santa Fe 5000 was placed in service between Clovis and Vaughn, New Mexico for observation. The result was the company had purchased a locomotive which would pull 15% more</p>