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  • Manganese(III) acetate is an inorganic compound that is used as an oxidizing agent in organic synthesis and materials science. Like the analogous acetates of iron and chromium, it is an oxygen-centered coordination complex containing three manganese atoms bridged by acetate units. The anhydrous form of this compound crystallizes as a linear coordination polymer, with an additional acetic acid molecule bridging between manganese atoms on consecutive three-manganese clusters. The chemical is therefore not a simple metal acetate ionic compound nor does the actual structure of it reflect the simple "Mn(OAc)₃" chemical formula that is commonly given. It is usually used as the dihydrate, though the anhydrous form is also used in some situations. The dihydrate is prepared by reacting potassium permanganate and manganese acetate in acetic acid; addition of acetic anhydride to the reaction produces the anhydrous form. It is also synthesized by electrochemical method starting from Mn(OAc)₂. Mangese triacetate has been used as a single electron oxidant. It can oxidize alkenes via addition of acetic acid to form lactones.

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