<p>ATC is a charter school in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The Academy for Technology and the Classics is a charter school that was founded in 2000 to provide a classical and technology-based approach to education in a public school setting. ATC was the third charter school established in Santa Fe, and the first in the city to open its doors to both middle and high school students. In keeping the student body small, the school's founding Board of Trustees sought to provide small classes and personalized instruction to students who thrived in such an environment.
ATC remains the smallest public high school in Santa Fe, and aims to incorporate students with a variety of learning styles and personal strengths in order to foster communication, literacy, critical thinking and the personal skills necessary for a successful future. The school’s mission is to provide an academically charged environment while instilling the “classic” moral values of respect, integrity, responsibility and honesty, which is seen in its increased graduation requirements and focus on personal interaction.
ATC first opened its doors to students in January 2001. Its first one and one-half years were in a building leased</p>