<p>PPNZ Music Licensing ("PPNZ") is a not-for-profit company established in 1957 to administer the performance &amp; broadcast rights of local and international recording artists, labels, producers and distributors within the New Zealand territory.
PPNZ is responsible for licensing and collecting income from the communication and public performance of sound and video recordings. PPNZ can grant licences to any individual or business playing or using recorded music in the public arena. e.g: bars, cafes, retail shops, salons, telephone ‘on-hold’ systems, sports grounds, radio and television broadcasters, webcasters, gyms, function centres and many other premises where performance of recorded music takes place.
The company was originally called Phonographic Performances (N.Z) Limited, often shortened to just PPNZ. In late 2010, the name was rebranded to PPNZ Music Licensing Limited in order to better describe the main function of the company.
Executive managers of PPNZ:
A public performance is the playing of a sound recording or the exhibition of a music video in public (i.e. a non-domestic environment). Just because a performance is given for free, or the audience is small, or there is no</p>