What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

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Focal taxa /base/litcentral/ecological_survey_design/focal_taxa /base/litcentral/focal_taxa

Species observed or otherwise listed in this publication as occurring the focal location.

Focal location(s) /base/litcentral/ecological_survey_design/focal_location_s /base/litcentral/focal_location

General study region or focal area. Specific study sites within this area or other sampled location subsets are linked under sampling campaign.

Data collection method(s) /base/litcentral/ecological_survey_design/data_collection_method_s /base/birdinfo/data_collection_method

Point count, nest monitoring, or other generic method of data collection. Use the Sampling Campaign link to provide a more detailed description.

Sampling campaign(s) /base/litcentral/ecological_survey_design/sampling_campaign_s /base/litcentral/sampling_campaign mediator

Describe each unique time period of sampling. Sampling locations may be the same as study region if a single large region was sampled. However, sometimes subregions are sampled in different time periods or there may be a list of stands or regions that are subsampled and compared.

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Incoming Properties

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Sampling campaign
Scholarly work - ecology