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  • Dimorphotheca is a genus of plants in the sunflower family, native to Africa and Australia. is one of eight genera of the Calenduleae, with a centre of diversity in Southern Africa. Some species can hybridize with Osteospermum, and crosses are sold as cultivated ornamentals. The name "Dimorphotheca" comes from the Greek "Dis" "Morphe" and "Theka", meaning "two shaped fruit", referring to the dimorphic cypselae, a trait inherent to members of the Calenduleae. Plants of this genus usually have bisexual flowers. Dimorphotheca acutifolia Dimorphotheca barberae Dimorphotheca caulescens Dimorphotheca chrysanthemifolia Dimorphotheca cuneata Dimorphotheca dregei Dimorphotheca fruticosa Dimorphotheca jucunda Dimorphotheca montana Dimorphotheca nudicaulis Dimorphotheca pluvialis Dimorphotheca polyptera Dimorphotheca pulvinalis Dimorphotheca sinuata Dimorphotheca spectabilis Dimorphotheca tragus Dimorphotheca turicensis Dimorphotheca venusta Dimorphotheca walliana Dimorphotheca zeyheri

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