<p>The Scenic Railway is a wooden double out-and-back scenic railway located at the site of the former Dreamland Amusement Park, Margate, UK. It was built at the park in 1919/1920 and opened in March 1920. The ride is now almost unique, as a brakeman is still required to travel with the train to control its speed, as there are no brakes on the track. It is the oldest roller coaster in the UK and one of only eight scenic railways in the world. It is also the only roller coaster in the UK to receive listed status; being Grade II* listed in 2002. It currently stands without operating due to a fire which destroyed approximately 25% of the ride in April 2008.
The ride consists of a wooden-tracked railway with steel rails supported by a wooden structure. The ride occupies a space approximately 580 ft long (180 m) and 120 ft wide (37 m). The track is in a trough, and as such is often incorrectly referred to as a side-friction coaster. The train actually makes no contact with the trough walls; their presence simply to provide some lateral protection from derailment as the running wheels are flanged like those of railway vehicles. The layout of the track consists of a double-loop with two</p>