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  • Arebica or arabica was a Bosniak variant of the Perso-Arabic script used to write the Bosnian language. It was used mainly between the 15th and 19th centuries and is frequently categorized as part of Aljamiado literature. Before World War I there were unsuccessful efforts by Bosnian Muslims to officially adopt Arebica as the third alphabet for Bosnian alongside Latin and Cyrillic. The last book printed in the script was in 1941. Besides literature, Arabica was used in religious schools and administration, though in much less use than other scripts. Arebica was based on the Perso-Arabic script of the Ottoman Empire, with added letters for, and, which are not found in Arabic, Persian, or Turkish. Full letters were eventually introduced for all vowels, making Arebica a true alphabet, unlike its Perso-Arabic base. The final version of Arebica was devised by Mehmed Džemaludin Čaušević at the end of the 19th century. His version is called Matufovica, Matufovača, or Mektebica. Text example: مۉلٖىمۉ سه‌ ته‌بٖى بۉژە.‎ = Molimo se tebi, Bože Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1: سوا ڵۆدسقا بٖىڃا راݗايۆ سە سلۉبۉدنا وٖ يەدناقا ۆ دۉستۉيانستوۆ وٖ پراوٖىما.

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