<p>September is the debut compilation album by Swedish singer September. The album is a compilation of tracks from her second and third European studio albums, titled In Orbit and Dancing Shoes, respectively. The album is the first album by September to be released in the United States, Canada and Australasia.
September initially released the album under the American dance label Robbins Entertainment on February 26, 2008. The album was digitally released in Canada in the summer of 2008. The album's track list is the same as the US edition, with the exception of "Cry for You", in which the UK radio version was listed. The physical edition was later followed on September 23, 2008. September announced that the album was scheduled to release in Australia that year. It was released on November 14, 2008. The track listing differed from the US edition and a DVD was included featuring a DVD containing music videos.
Ross Hoffman from Allmusic gave the album a mixed review, awarding it two and a half stars. He noted that the three first songs, which are" Cry for You", "Satellites" and "Can't Get Over", were the best from the album. However, he did say that the albums "material is slightly</p>