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  • Harvey Teasdale was a Victorian performer best known for his success as the ‘man-monkey’, an act which he toured with for many years. He was born in Sheffield in to a family of cutlers, but rather than continuing the family business, Teasdale quickly found his passion lay in performance. He performed several times as the clown in pantomimes and harlequinades before cultivating a reputation for playing the ‘man-monkey’. He toured the country as the ‘man-monkey’ and found much success. His most famous stunt was his attempt to sail down the River Don, Sheffield, in a barrel pulled by ducks. Amongst his frequent performances Teasdale also worked as theatre manager on several occasions and at different theatres. In 1862 Teasdale’s wife, Sarah, left him in Dublin, taking their two daughters with her. Soon after Teasdale attacked Sarah in Sheffield and was accused of attempted murder. He served two years in Wakefield Prison. He came out of prison a ‘converted clown’, swore off any future theatrical performances and joined the Hallelujah Band in Sheffield.

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