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  • Mariana Koskull was a Swedish noble and lady-in-waiting, known as the royal mistress of King Charles XIII of Sweden and King Charles XIV John of Sweden. Mariana, or Marianne as she was often called at the French-influenced court, was born as the child of Gustaf Fredrik Koskull and Anna Charlotta Gjelstrup. She was appointed lady-in-waiting to Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte of Holstein-Gottorp and became a center in the social circles of the court, where she was admired for her musicality, and often played the main part in the amateur theatre at court. She was pointed out and known as the mistress of King Charles XIII after his accession to the throne in 1809, and eventually as the mistress also to his successor King Charles Bernadotte, with whom she was said to have had a child. Historians have sometimes been uncertain, whether she actually functioned as a mistress, or only seemed to have this position. Queen Hedvig Elizabeth Charlotte remarked that the king acted as her lover without being able to, while Bernadotte became involved with her after his wife left for France.

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