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  • Kumayl bin Ziyad an-Nakha'i was among the most loyal companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Moreover, Kumayl occupies a prominent position in Shia Islam. Converting to Islam during the time of Islamic prophet Muhammad, he earned to learn the secrets of this world while purifying his soul. His desire to purify his soul and increase his understanding of knowledge raised him to a position of prominence during the caliphates of Uthman and Imam Ali. In the caliphate of Imam Ali, Kumayl flourished and served his best friend, Imam Ali, in the most disciplined of ways. However, he is recognized for his pious and humble nature as well as preserving Imam Ali's teachings. In retrospect, Kumayl is best known for the du'a of Prophet Khidr, which has been renamed to du'a Kumayl.

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