<p>The Swedish football league system is a series of interconnected leagues for club football in Sweden which is controlled by the Swedish Football Association and consists of 276 teams in 22 leagues divided into five levels. Below those five levels, additional regional levels numbered six to ten exist but these lower leagues are controlled by the regional associations and not by the nationwide association. There is, however, promotion and relegation to and from all levels.
The table below shows how the current system works. For each division, its Swedish name and number of clubs is given. It is not certain that each division is a feeder of teams to the division that lie directly above it and relegates teams to the divisions that lie directly below it, even though this usually is the case. The system used was new for the 2006 season and onwards; the new feature being the additional two Division 1 series on the 3rd level, pushing down Division 2 and Division 3 a level on the ladder. In the 2007 season, the Allsvenskan was expanded from 14 clubs to 16 and so - for that season - only one team was relegated from the top division and three teams were promoted from Superettan. This differed</p>