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  • Hazrat Ata Hussain Fani, also known as Ata Hussain Gayavi or Haji Ata Hussain Chishti Monami Abulolai, was a famous Sufi saint of the chisti order in South Asia. He was the first Sufi to go in the complete non-Muslim locality of Gaya and spread Islam. He was also a writer, poet, linguist, and orator. Although he never touched money with his hands he lived an extravagant life. He was known to befriend strangers, especially non-Muslims, was very well liked among his people. There were thousands of converts to Islam that he was responsible for. His aim in life was to serve all human beings on earth and spread the message which the Islamic prophet Muhammad brought. He died as the Ghaus, which is the highest degree of spirituality a Sufi can attain, of his time.

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