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  • Armand Edward Blackmar, born in Vermont in 1826, to parents Reuben Harmon and Amanda Blackmar, was, with his brother, Henry, the founder of Blackmar Brothers, a music publishing company. Begun in 1860, this publishing company was originally based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, and later Augusta, Georgia. This would become the most successful publisher of music of the Confederacy American Civil War, issuing about half the songs released during that era. A.E. was best known for the patriotic songs he wrote. Armand and Henry were music teachers before entering the publishing business. When Northern troops took over the city of New Orleans, Henry Blackmar moved the business to Augusta, while Armand - due to his Northern accent - managed to continue working out of New Orleans for a time, but a Union raid on his business forced him to cease working. He continued to live in Louisiana and published songs of his own, under a pseudonym, through his brother. Blackmar's published work included, among others: The Bonnie Blue Flag; Dixie War Song; Maryland! My Maryland!; Southern Marseillaise; and The Beauregard Manassas.

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