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  • 2008年夏季奧林匹克運動會射箭比賽-女子個人 zh-CN
  • The women's individual archery event at the 2008 Summer Olympics was part of the archery programme. It took place at the Olympic Green Archery Field. Ranking Round was on August 9, 2008. First and second elimination rounds took place on August 12, and eights, quarterfinal, semifinals and medals matches were on August 14. All archery was done at a range of 70 metres, with targets 1.22 metres in diameter. Park Sung-Hyun tried to defend her Olympic Gold Medal won in Athens, along with British Alison Williamson, winner of the bronze medal in 2004. 64 archers from 37 countries qualified for the event at the Beijing Olympics. The 44th Outdoor Archery World championship, held in Leipzig, Germany, plus 5 continental qualification tournaments and a Final World Qualification Tournament selected 61 slots for the event, along with 3 Tripartite Commission Invitations. The competition began with the ranking round. Each archer fired 72 arrows. This round was done entirely to seed the elimination brackets; all archers moved on to them. The elimination rounds used a single-elimination tournament, with fixed brackets based on the ranking round seeding.