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  • Pyotr Semyonovich Popov was a major in the Soviet military intelligence apparatus. He was the first GRU officer successfully recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency. Between 1953 and 1958, he provided the United States government with large amounts of information concerning military capabilities and espionage operations. Codenamed ATTIC, for most of his time with the CIA, Popov's case officer was George Kisevalter. In 1953 Popov was a GRU officer stationed in Vienna, a case officer working against Yugoslavian targets. Popov first made contact in 1953 by slipping a letter into the parked car of a United States diplomat in Vienna, offering to sell Soviet documents. He seemed to be motivated by a deep anger at what he felt was government exploitation of the peasants of Russia, including his own family. Whilst stationed in Vienna, Popov was able to provide documents such as the 1951 Soviet army field regulations, and after a July 1954 home visit to the Soviet Union, information regarding Soviet nuclear submarines and guided missiles. In 1955 Popov was suddenly transferred to East Berlin to work with illegal agents being sent to the West.

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