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  • The Minebea PM-9 Submachine Gun, known officially in the Japan Self-Defense Forces as the 9mm Machine Pistol or as the M9, is a Japanese-made machine pistol. Based on the Israeli IMI Mini-Uzi, the PM-9 has the same telescoping bolt as the Mini-Uzi, but differs in its appearance, operational use and handling. The JSDF uses the PM9 as its official submachine gun, although some of its special forces units now use other weapons. The 1st Airborne Brigade and the Western Army Infantry Regiment are the only special forces units in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force known to be armed with the PM-9 as the brigade's main submachine gun. The PM-9 is reported to be in use in the JGSDF's Special Forces Group. The Japan Air Self-Defense Force uses it when conducting base security.