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  • Severe Tropical Storm Kammuri, known in the Philippines as Tropical Storm Julian, was a storm which made landfall on south China in August 2008, having a maximum wind speed of 50 kn. The name Kammuri was submitted to the World Meteorological Organisation's Typhoon Committee by Japan and is Japanese for the Corona Borealis constellation of stars. Severe Tropical Storm Kammuri was the ninth tropical cyclone to occur in the Western North Pacific in 2008, recognised by the Japan Meteorological Agency operationally. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center also recognised Kammuri as the tenth tropical cyclone in the 2008 Pacific typhoon season. The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, recognised Julian as the 10th tropical cyclone, of the 2008 Pacific typhoon season. Kammuri developed as a tropical depression on August 4 to the north of the island of Luzon. With the depression then intensifying into a Tropical storm the next day and was assigned the name Kammuri by the Regional Specialized Meteorological Center Tokyo. The following day it reached its peak wind speeds of 50 kn which made it a weak severe tropical storm.

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