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  • Karbala Ta Karbala is a collection of Marsias, or more appropriately Marasi, by Waheed Akhtar, a noted Urdu poet and critic. He also wrote Ghazals and nazms and an epic, Shahr-e Hawas, which is considered his magnum opus. Karbala Ta Karbala, which means 'Karbala to Karbala,' has eight collection of marasi or elegies/dirges. They are written in traditional format of Marsia, that is Musaddas, which became standard after great masters of Urdu poetry, Anis and Dabir. Each marsia in Karbala ta Karbala deals with the life, exemplary qualities and martyrdom of the hero of the marsia. Every marsia in the collection has more than 100 bunds which is a unit of marsia in the format of musaddas. The theme and heroes of his marasi are the people, who died in the battle of Karbala on tenth of Muharram in the year 61 AH along with the grandson of Muhammad, Husayn ibn Ali, or who belonged to Muhammad's household-Ahl al-Bayt. Waheed Akhtar's marasi are different form other masters of Marsia in the treatment of the theme of marsia. His poetry writing attains its greatness in his marsias. It demonstrates his command of language, richness of ideas, his vast diction, his power of narration.

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