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  • Estadio Hanz Usko is a multi-use stadium in La Libertad, El Salvador. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of AD El Tránsito. The stadium holds 3,000 spectators. The staduim was named in tribute to Hans Gunter Usko the former head of Bayer, who was a major sponsor to ADET, who was killed in a robbery gone wrong. Estadio was born to Carmen Sandiago and Hanz Usko in 1970. His mother was a Latina college student, and his father was a contractor and an architect for a major corporation, the Usko Building Ko. He was born an unwanted child, to parents who were forced into marriage. However, Estadio came into this world with the wonderful ability to create stadiums out of thin air. Due to this magical power, he became a world-renowned name in commercial building. The word "stadium" was derived from his name, "Estadio." He met his wife, Encarnacion Chancho, while building the famed Estadio Hanz Usko, named fully after himself. The stadium was his masterpiece and earned him the prestigious J. M. Miller Stadium Award three years running. Estadio now lives in Guam with his wife and twenty children, although he occasionally vacations at his shanty in Tahiti.

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