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  • Trolox is a water-soluble analog of vitamin E sold by Hoffman-LaRoche. It is an antioxidant like vitamin E and it is used in biological or biochemical applications to reduce oxidative stress or damage. Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity is a measurement of antioxidant strength based on Trolox, measured in units called Trolox Equivalents, e.g. micromolTE/100 g. Due to the difficulties in measuring individual antioxidant components of a complex mixture, Trolox equivalency is used as a benchmark for the antioxidant capacity of such a mixture. Trolox equivalency is most often measured using the ABTS decolorization assay. The TEAC assay is used to measure antioxidant capacity of foods, beverages and supplements. Ferric reducing ability of plasma is an antioxidant capacity assays which uses Trolox as a standard.

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