<p>WPLG, channel 10, is an ABC-affiliated television station located in Miami, Florida, USA. WPLG is owned and operated by Post-Newsweek Stations, a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company. The station's studios are located in Pembroke Park, and its transmitter is located in Miami Gardens. WPLG offers Me-TV on its second digital subchannel.
The station first took to the air on August 2, 1957 as WPST-TV, as the second ABC affiliate in the Miami market, under the ownership of Public Service Television, Inc., the broadcasting subsidiary of National Airlines. (Hence the call letters.) Prior to this time ABC had been carried by WITV, channel 17. With the loss of the ABC affiliation, channel 17 quickly went out of business (Channel 17 was later occupied by PBS member station WLRN-TV).
A Congressional investigation of former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Richard A. Mack in 1958 revealed that a Miami attorney named Thurman A. Whiteside, working on behalf National Airlines, bribed the former commissioner to obtain the WPST broadcast license. As a result, WPST-TV was stripped of its broadcast license.
A group headed by Cincinnati-area broadcaster L.B. Wilson won the</p>