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  • The Bara Balutedar System is a servant-cum-caste systems in Maharashtra, India's Villages which occurs some castes who used to work for the farmers in their surroundings. Today, according to act 1958,the village servants are free from their work. Names Of Bara Balutedar In Marathi. Sonar Gurav Nhawi Parit Kumbhar Sutar Lohar Chambhar Dhor Koli Chougula Mang Bara Balutedar were village servants. They were hereditary village servants. They are of two kinds those useful to government, and those useful to the community. The village servants useful to Government were the Mahars and the Ramosh's. They were remunerated by watans, which take the form of grants of land either entirely free of assessment or subject to an annual reduced assessment or cash payment from the government treasury, or both. The Mahars help the village patil and the talathi in the collection of revenue and do all duties in connection with village administration. They attend on the Mamlatdar and other higher officers when they visit the village. The Ramosis watch the movements of criminals and help the village Patil in the discharge of his duties connected with the police administration.