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  • The Energa anti-tank rifle grenade is a rifle-launched anti-tank grenade that is propelled by a ballistite-filled blank cartridge. The name Energa comes from the firm in Liechtenstein that designed it, the Anstalt für die ENtwicklung von ERfindungen und Gewerblichen Anwendungen, based in Vaduz. First produced in the 1950s, by Mecar in Belgium, it was in front-line use by European armies until replaced by disposable tube-launched anti-tank rockets such as the M72 LAW. Although no longer in production, stocks of the grenade still exist and the Energa grenade remains in service with Third World countries. Denel Munition of South Africa manufactured the R1M1, an improved version of the Energa grenade. The original Energa grenade could penetrate 200 mm of armor or 500 mm of concrete at an angle of impact of 90 degrees. At an angle of impact of 45 degrees, the figures dropped to 100 mm and 250 mm, respectively. The Super Energa used a rocket booster to extend the grenade's range to 550 meters. The Super Energa could penetrate up to 275 mm of armor and 600 mm of concrete.