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<h1 id="PageTitle">Tips on narrowing your search</h1>
  <p>If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for with Freebase suggest, you might try the following:</p>

    <p><strong>More or less characters</strong> - it may not
be intuitive, but sometimes typing more or less characters will help
Freebase better find what you're looking for. In some cases typing an
    additional character may add an option where nothing was showing before.</p>

  <p><strong>Alternate spellings</strong> - many common alternate spellings are stored 
    in Freebase in aliases, but in some cases a topic may have only one 
    spelling listed. If at first you don't succeed...</p>
  <p><strong>Additional words</strong> - if you're looking for something common like
'greatest hits', you might try putting in the name of the artist. For
instance 'greatest hits sly' should narrow your search to the greatest
hits album by Sly $0026 the Family Stone</p>
    <p><strong>Enter the Freebase ID or <a href="">GUID</a></strong>
      - for instance '/en/shania_twain' and
'/guid/9202a8c04000641f8000000003c076f9' will both return the Shania
Twain topic. Of course, typing 'Shania Twain' works perfectly well too,
but this technique is useful for connecting to specific, hard-to-find
topics with a common name, like this
    The ID or GUID for any topic in Freebase, is the last part of the URL after 
  <p><strong>Append the type</strong> - for instance 'victory type:/film/film' will narrow your matches from all
topics with 'victory' in the name to those that are typed as a film.
The format for this technique is currently: "[string]
type:/[domain]/[type]". </p>

    <h3 id="PageTitle">Other shortcuts</h3>
      <p><strong>Shift + Enter</strong> - creates a new topic/item</p>
      <p><strong>Control + M</strong> - displays the next 10 more relevant matches</p>
      <p><strong>Control + Shift + Up arrow</strong> - moves focus to the item a the top of the list</p>
      <p><strong>Control + Shift + Down arrow</strong> - moves focus to the item a the bottom of the list</p>