<p>The Nazi Drawings are a series of drawings made with pencil, water- and turpentine-based washes, and collages by Mauricio Lasansky expressing disgust and outrage at Nazi atrocities. They consist of thirty individual pieces and one triptych. The figures in the drawings are lifesize and larger in dimension.
The drawings debuted at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1967. During the same year the exhibition traveled to the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, where they appeared with shows by Louise Nevelson and Andrew Wyeth as the first exhibits installed in the new museum. The exhibit closed the year at the Des Moines Art Center in Des Moines, Iowa.
The Richard Levitt Foundation purchased The Nazi Drawings in 1969, and they now reside at the University of Iowa Museum of Art. They continue to travel to other museums every few years.
In the Fall of 1997, Iowa City filmmaker Lane Wyrick, in collaboration with Phillip Lasansky as content advisor, began The Nazi Drawings Documentary Project In April 2000 The Nazi Drawings Documentary premiered at the Levitt Center for University Advancement in Iowa City. In 2003 the documentary won a Mid-America Emmy Award from the National Academy</p>