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  • As the nurses' strike drags on, Alan and Monica have their hands full dealing with the chaos in Stefan's absence. Their evening hits rock bottom, however, when A.J. gets on the hospital's public address system to drunkenly announce his divorce. Elizabeth begins to wonder why no one has heard from the Spencers in so long. Meanwhile, Luke and Felicia find themselves trapped together on Ice Princess island. As Laura hunts for a way to rescue her husband, Stefan arrives and offers her a deal. Disappointed when Ned balks at financing a tour for Juan until L&B is solvent, Emily gently breaks the bad news to her boyfriend. Monica and Alan berate their son for disrupting GH and humiliating them in the process. Chloe realizes that Jax's anxiety stems from frustration over his inability to solve her medical crisis. Accepting his setback cheerfully, Juan assures Emily his career will take off when the time is right. After Stefan departs in a huff, Luke and Felicia manage to find their own way to

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