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  • 1. Sonny and Cher open the show with ""Take Life a Little Easier"" and banter about Sonny having negotiated a deal with a major studio to do a movie about his life with Cher. 2. ""The Battle Of the Sexes"" -- Cher plays a liberated woman coming home after a hard day's work to find Sonny so wrapped up in his card game with the boys that he forgot to have dinner ready and Don devastated that his wife walked out on him the night before. 3. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of ""United We Stand"" and ""Without You"" 4. ""The Sonnytone News"" -- A TV newscaster (Don) demonstrates a gimmick that allows him to deliver the news with a steady, sincere stare; all three major TV networks clear time for the great political debate; the world's oldest taxicab driver (regular Gailard Sartain) speaks out at his retirement party; the youngest pitchman in TV history (Chastity) tapes a spot on her used tricycle lot; and the ever-popular Laverne (Cher) is named the first woman ambassador to Great Britain. 5. A heartb

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