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  • When Shirley's father, who is in his late sixties, pull sup in a hot red sports car (in its late sixties), the Partridge kids are elated with their jet set Granddaddy and even ask him to join their group. When he takes them seriously and has his mandolin electrified and learns all the Partridge songs, much to the shock of Grandma, he's ready to tour with his musical kin. In a 1st ditch effort to discourage the old man's new fling, they convince Reuben to give his unbiased assessment of Grandpa's act. To the shock of all the family, Reuben sees a future in the family act for the elder member. He feels that audiences might like the """"campy"""" crooner and might laugh at his novel act. Grandpa, whose voice is, at best, average, expected the audience to take him seriously and to """"dig"""" him for what he is. Meanwhile, Grandma is vexed over Grandpa's new image. She tells Shirley how he's wearing sideburns, taking sky-diving lessons, talking about running around and chorus girls and – because s

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